Hempel Color Card and Color Converter

Aplikasi berikut adalah color card cat Hempel yang dapat di gunakan untuk mencari persamaan antara kode warna cat Hempel dengan RAL dan juga sebalik nya.


  1. Representation of the RAL Colours is done with the approval of RAL gGmbH, 53757 Sankt Augustin.
    • RAL CLASSIC© RAL, Sankt Augustin 2014
    • RAL DESIGN© RAL, Sankt Augustin 2014.
    • RAL EFFECT© RAL, Sankt Augustin 2014.

    RAL is a registered mark. The use is granted by the owner of the mark RAL gGmbH.

  2. ATTENTION! Please note that the representation of colours on the screen can only approximate the actual colour shades as they are registered as varnish samples. The representation of colours may vary due to screen and printer settings.
  3. The application is updated from time to time. Please make sure that you always use the latest version of the application.This version no [1.1] of the application, including its contents, supersedes previous versions issued.© 2014 Hempel A/S. All rights reserved.